2 Sponges Pack

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Need a fresh start for your Infinitebook cleaning kit? The 2 Sponges Pack is here to replace old and used sponges, ensuring your Infinitebook remains pristine and ready for new ideas.

Includes: 2 Sponges. Each Sponge: 20x50x70mm

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Reuse more than 3000 times!

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Write like on a whiteboard.

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Stop wasting paper.

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An analog tool for creativity.

Still with doubts ?

Fear not! We are here to help you.

What liquid should I fill the bottle with?

Water must be used. Any other liquid can damage the Infinitebook sheets.

Is it possible to clean the sponge?

Yes, it is possible to clean the sponge. To clean the sponge, simply rinse it under running water and gently press it with your hands to squeeze out the ink. Remember not to twist the sponge, as twisting can damage it. While this cleaning method removes the ink and debris, making the sponge functionally clean, it may still retain a stained appearance due to ink absorption. This discoloration does not affect the sponge's ability to erase text from your Infinitebook.

How often should I clean the sponge and cloth?

Clean the sponge and cloth as needed, depending on how much you use it. Regular cleaning will help maintain its effectiveness and prolong its lifespan.

Is there a recommended method for erasing the Infinitebook if it's fully written and old?

Yes, if your Infinitebook is fully written on and has older entries, we recommend a specific method for erasing it effectively. Here's how:

  1. Prepare the Sponge: First, take the sponge included in your Infinitebook cleaning kit to either the bathroom or kitchen. Rinse the sponge under water and gently press it with your hands to remove excess water. Avoid twisting the sponge, as this could damage it.
  2. Erase the Infinitebook: Use the damp sponge to erase the contents of your Infinitebook. The moisture from the sponge will help loosen and remove the ink, making it easier to erase old and stubborn entries.
  3. Dry the Pages: After erasing the text with the sponge, take a large cloth and gently pat the pages of the Infinitebook to absorb any remaining moisture. This step helps to prevent any potential water damage and prepares your Infinitebook for its next use.

This method ensures that even the oldest entries are erased effectively, leaving your Infinitebook clean and ready for new ideas and notes.