About us

From a High School Idea to Infinite Solutions

It began, back in 2014, in a high school classroom with Pedro, a 17-year-old with an itch for a problem that needed solving. Frustrated by the limitations of pencils and pens on paper, and the impracticality of his whiteboard, Pedro dreamed up a solution: a notebook that emulated the whiteboard's erasable nature. This random spark of creativity led to the first prototype of what would soon be known as Infinitebook.

Turning his problem into an innovative and sustainable business idea, Pedro embarked on a journey from crowdfunding to launching a company initially named EcoBook, which later evolved into Infinitebook. Embracing the concept of infinity opened up endless possibilities, leading to various editions of Infinitebook and unique collaborations, proving that success is indeed about making our beliefs a reality. From identifying a simple problem to creating infinite solutions, Infinitebook has become a testament to the power of innovation and persistence.

Beyond a Notebook

Infinitebook started with a simple yet revolutionary product but aimed to be more. We envision being the catalyst for enhancing creativity, innovation, learning, and productivity in daily life.

Our fight for a sustainable world is at the core of our existence because being Infinite means more than just endless reuse—it's about making a meaningful impact.

Worldwide Reach

Made with love

From the small town of Viseu, Portugal, we've reached a global milestone, selling over 500,000 notebooks to customers in more than 50 countries.

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