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Scan your infinitebook

Scan your infinitebook

At Infinitebook we know that making mistakes are part of the path to success. But when the errors are over, the pages stop being erased. It is at that moment that saving a page is very useful.

For that there are two digital scan applications that we think are ideal – CamScanner and Adobe Scan. Both have great features but each is unique. We created this post so that you can choose which is the best App for you!

CamScanner (Android, IOS)

CamScanner is probably the best known and most used digital scan application in the world, you can easily capture an image and then crop it. The App will automatically try to outline the edges after capture. It comes with rotation and cropping tools in addition to the six filters and an editing feature, which contains options for contrast, brightness and details. Considering the features, CamScanner offers more control over the appearance of the document.


CamScanner provides free export in JPG and PDF formats, but in PDF they leave a watermark on the document. It also makes it possible to generate a document link, send it to the PC and export it in Word formats, but for the link and send option to the PC, it is necessary to create an account. To send in Word format, a premium version is required.

It also offers great security features, such as password, temporary link and comes with advanced OCR – Optical Character Recognition.

Adobe Scan (Android, IOS)

From the same company that created Photoshop, Adobe Scan, gives new features to the common use of digital scan Apps. Unlike CamScanner (which only offers this option in the premium version) Adobe Scan automatically detects the document while scanning and saving everything – which makes it very easy when you are scanning many pages. You can also disable this option if you want to capture manually. Along with the manual option, you have the flashlight and the option to import photos and documents. The App also comes with whiteboard, form, document and business card options to scan the document correctly.

As CamScanner, you can edit the border later if you are not happy with the final result.

Image recognition is very good in both, but Adobe Scan does not offer you the direct option to share the document on GoogleDrive or Dropbox, that said, you can only save the document as PDF in the Adobe cloud or transfer directly to the device.

Beside CamScanner, Adobe Scan may seem minimalist – but it is the simplicity of this application that makes it so attractive to most users.


When the important thing is to eternalize a successful idea both applications are up to the task! The difference is in the details and user preferences!

Grab your Infinitebook, choose your favorite App and get ready for a bumpy road to success!

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