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Can we take you to the moon? 🌙 | Infinitebook A6 Small List Big Goals

Can we take you to the moon? 🌙 | Infinitebook A6 Small List Big Goals

Today, I came here to talk to you about a picture!


A year ago, when I visited Pedro’s house (aka Boss), I noticed picture placed on the floor  between what was at the time the entrance  (and also the   kitchen/living room/office of forty –  typical young adult’s house, still next to the college), in this painting there was a photo of an Infinitebook landed on the Moon  with the planet Earth in the background, and a little flag of Portugal 


It was another of Pedro’s visions that give him a lot of work to accomplish, but, still, greater pleasure. Carefully he mixed the sand with the cement to make the moon soil and glued a small kitchen toothpick to a printed image of the flag of Portugal  🤯


This Infinitebook on the cover read “Small List Big Goals” – the notebook was born out of the need to have an even smaller, more portable Infinitebook, an A6, combined with round corners that prevent damage to both the notebook and your shirt pocket and a spiral biding up top, like the notebooks we imagine MacGyver to have!

That picture came with us to the office during the summer, and the little A6 that Pedro had made to try, had already become his favorite shopping notebook – with 10 sheets in total, 5 pages of which have to-do lists: how not to love it?

This is the detail’s notebook, for those who like to go a little further, a little more infinite! This is the Infinitebook A6 Small List Big Goals 🌙


“That’s one small size for man, one giant tool for mankind.”

PS: I’m sorry for romanticizing the Infinitebook so much, but I’m really inspired when I see a dream come true! This notebook is that 🖤
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