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5 Reasons to use a weekly planner

5 Reasons to use a weekly planner

It happens to me a lot when I get to the office, I sit in front of the PC and start wandering through dozens of emails thinking about what I have to do. I do not know if you’ve ever been or are in this situation, but it’s a very strange feeling when it does not seem to us that we’re being productive.

Starting to plan my days and weeks has had a very positive impact on my life and I will give you 5 reasons why you should do the same!


You will increase your productivity


Only 45% of the time spent at work is used productively. If we have visual support for what we need to do during that week we tend to work harder to get things done and we stop wasting time.


(Pro Tip: Try this exercise, count the actual time you spend doing each task and count the time you spend on facebook, email, youtube, etc. You will draw incredible conclusions from this little test)


The satisfaction you will feel at the end of the week when the tasks are done


Each time you mark a task as done, you will feel closer and closer to your goal and you will have a feeling of inner peace. We all know that we enjoy our free time much more when we have a sense of accomplishment, and we have no pending task to torment our minds.


Planning helps reduce stress


Stress has many forms, but something common is the feeling of being overwhelmed. You are often stressed because you have too much to do and are afraid to forget something important, to be late for a meeting or an event.

Imagine now the sense of relief when you have time for everything and when you know you will not forget anything. Incredible isn’t it?


You will learn to say no


Having a visual map of your week will show you when you have time to do certain things and that will give you the power to manage your life better. Saying No is as important as saying Yes.


You’ll have more leisure time


If you are effective at planning, you will have more free time. Makes sense, right?

Since you are not lost in life, you are always going straight to the problem and things get solved faster. Having free time will make you healthier not only physically (you can go to the gym, running, etc.) but also mentally.

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