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Saramago meets Infinitebook

Saramago meets Infinitebook

José Saramago, a famous Portuguese author, once said, “We need to change. If we are not careful, life becomes quickly predictable, monotonous, a drought.”

Following the advice of this great genius and seeing the success of our first edition of geniuses, we decided to bring you a second edition, with new big names. Saramago is one of five, along with Marie Curie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, and Salvador Dali.

In this article, we will let you know why we’ve chosen the Nobel Prize of Portuguese Literature as one of our covers.

This edition of Genius means a lot to us. Just like the first edition, we wanted to reaffirm that we all make mistakes, even geniuses. And that these geniuses made a lot of them until they reached their Magnus opus. “Let’s not hurry, but let’s not waste time either”, Saramago said. They were not born this way, nor did they become known overnight. There were so many barriers, so many challenges.

Sometimes it’s a shot in the dark, hoping to hit the center of the target. If you never shoot, you’ll never hit. We are here, once again, with a new edition, motivating you to shoot for the stars.

Specifically, regarding the genius that was José Saramago, the process of choosing him was simple. We wanted to honor him as the great Portuguese he was, for knowing the human soul so well and never giving up on his dreams. Even for the times, he was irreverent, even a little controversial. Also for defending that there is no age to fall in love, marrying when he was older with his last fiancee, Pilar.

His story inspires us. He started from nothing and conquered everything. From joiner, he became an artist. He published his first book at the age of 25, which proves that being young is no obstacle. He took his books around the world and brought to Portugal a Nobel Prize, one of the two we have.

He also stood out for is limitless creativity. He challenged the status quo and decided to do it differently by manipulating and changing the punctuation rules. To this day, the lack of commas and dashes, to make the most of the mental flow of our thinking, remains memorable and peculiar. It didn’t take many commas, dashes, and full stops to write his great works.

To conclude, as Saramago said, “talent or chance do not choose to manifest itself, neither days nor places.” So make sure you always have your Infinitebook with you, so that when the idea of genius lights up in your mind, you can write it quickly. Be careful, otherwise, it gets lost in your mind’s flow. And you don’t want that memory to fade. Give wings to your imagination and creativity, become unlimited!

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