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8 Ways in which Infinitebook will upgrade your company

8 Ways in which Infinitebook will upgrade your company

We are a Portuguese company, created in 2014 when paper and pencil were not enough and paper and pen were too definitive.

We needed something more practical, effective, simple and environmentally friendly. Thus was born the Infinitebook, from the imagination of our CEO, Pedro Lopes, to reality.


First, we started by just selling to the public. However, after being approached by companies that wanted a more custom product, we decided to expand horizons and freedom to customize.

If you’re running a business or working in one, we’ve put together 8 out-of-the-box ways that Infinitebook will add value to your business to make it stand out in the big market and get even closer to the front line. So your business will be remembered for being innovative, ambitious and eco-friendly.

  1. Strengthen your company’s brand identity


As you already know, it is important that your brand identity stands out in the crowd and is remembered by the customer, who is increasingly bombarded with more and more information. In an increasingly saturated market, we need to reaffirm who we are and make a difference. Having several Infinitebooks in your company with your logo, for example, automatically helps you reinforce your identity.

  1. It’s useful to take small notes during meetings


Often, meetings result in not only useful information but also many notes that do not add value to the company. 

You certainly know that. With your Infinitebook, you can simply erase what doesn’t interest you and get the information you really need isolated. Less is more. Keep everything simple and useful.

  1. It’s a great corporate gift


An Infinitebook can easily be distributed at events, partner meetings, or other more formal networking situations. This way you will be taking your business image out of doors. Whether it’s the offices of partner companies or the residence of your employees. From the moment you offer someone a branded Infinitebook, you are expanding the company’s demographics and you will surely be reminded later.

  1. No more wasted paper


With an Infinitebook customized for your business, you spend a lot less paper on notes and you don’t have to keep buying paper that always has the same purpose: to end up in the trashcan. You’ll greatly reduce paper waste, whether it’s internal or external meetings, customer service, or quick notes that are always needed. You will have to buy a lot less paper. We have all the shapes you can imagine. You can check it here: Infinitebook Collections.

  1. It builds intern confidentially


You should also know that there is information that needs to be only within  your company. However, this important and confidential information often ends up written on paper. With your Infinitebook, you can easily erase what you need most confidentially after taking a photo or scanning it. This ensures that no information has been leaked. Prevention is better than cure.

  1. HR can use it easily


This is one of the most useful aspects. It’s up to the Human Resources Director to think creatively about how you can use your company’s Infinitebook to simplify processes. However, we suggest that you use it to, for example, during recruitment, profile candidates and select the best, as well as take notes. You’ll look more professional than just using a white sheet of paper. On the other hand, you can also point out feedback from your employees on Infinitebook, or use it to set personal and company goals. It only depends on you. You can use Infinitebook at the onboarding phase to make new employees feel included. For example, Farfetch offers a custom Infinitebook for each trainee in its starter pack.

  1. It adds your company sustainability points


In addition to your company stop wasting a lot of paper when using Infinitebook, a partnership with our brand adds our share of responsibility for the environment. Specifically, speaking of facts and statistics, in 2018 we saved about 600 trees. We have already saved 8 million liters of water and reduced 15 tons of waste. Help us save the world. Add a sustainable touch to your business with Infinitebook.

  1. You have infinite possibilities


Let your imagination fly. Neither is the sky the limit. As you read all these ideas of how Infinitebook adds value to your business, you certainly had others. Surely you remembered a problem that could be solved with an Infinitebook, right? So why not take action and put these ideas into practice?


If you are afraid or in doubt, we can trust you that companies like Uber, Galp, and EDP have already partnered with us and the feedback has been positive. Below you can see custom images for each of these major companies.

 branded Infinitebooks 
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