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#Infinitepeople Sérgio, the Engineer

#Infinitepeople Sérgio, the Engineer

This week we had the opportunity to speak to a daily Infinitebook user. Sérgio Pinho is an Engineer and Project Director. He is 30 years old and is from Arões, Portugal. He was challenged by the Infinitebook team to show our Infinite family the way he uses the notebook in his daily life. In an informal interview, this was what he shared with us:

How did you hear about Infinitebook?

A friend of mine had one and I thought the concept was just brilliant.

What was your first Infinitebook?

After seeing how practical the Infinitebook was, I talked about it at the company. The following month the company placed an order for personalized Infinitebooks and all of the company’s engineers and architects now own one. Very useful for sketches that until then we made on a napkin / piece of plasterboard or any other piece of material that appeared by hand.

You couldn’t contain yourself and you bought some more?

So far it has not been necessary. Each time I filled out the notebook, I only needed 5 minutes to photograph everything and clean the pages. Were the pens as infinite as the notebooks!

What did you think of the experience and how has it evolved over time?

I was surprised at how easy it was to write on the surface of the notebook. I thought it would have a more “artificial” writing, but no. The pen flows naturally and it’s even easy to erase and redo details with the back of the pen.

How and for what purpose do you use the Infinitebook?

In my work this notebook is an excellent support. All those quick drawings that were loose, ended up lost and never appeared when they were needed again, are now compiled in an exclusive notebook for that purpose.

Do you have any advice for anyone reading?

Pens of various colors is a must!

Although I prefer completely white pages, it is very useful to have pages with checklist and checkerboard templates.

– Final thoughts?

There’s no final, on Infinite.

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