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Productive pajamas – quarantine problems!

Productive pajamas – quarantine problems!

These days there are 1001 articles explaining how we can stay productive while working from home!
This is another article in that sense, but contrary to what many state I believe in working in pajamas – preferably warm and comfortable with cartoons (I especially like my Minnie pajamas with which, in the comfort of my room, I’m writing about this matter).

Remember why you do what you do:

If, like me, you often wake up 5 minutes before the time you normally go to work, it can be tricky to start taking care of everything you have to solve right away! In that sense, I have a secret weapon: in addition to the to-do lists that I do first thing in the morning, I like to wake up, even with my bad mood, and make an effort to remember why I work.
A small example? I work a lot in customer support, which is not always fun as you can imagine, but on the other side of the coin I am also a customer and I like it a lot when brands go beyond my expectations! I wake up every day thinking about how it is the responsibility of the Catarina who works behind Infinitebook to satisfy the hundreds of Catarinas waiting for help on the other side of the screen.
I believe that all jobs in the world serve a greater purpose than what they appear. So think a little about your purpose. If you fell on this blog it was no accident and I believe you already have or are looking for that mission!
To-do Lists – the greatest allies at work:

With a thousand things to do I like to write them in my Infinitebook, even the simplest ones, like “reply to Maria’s email” or “remind Pedro to take the pictures”, so I know I won’t get lost. Working between computers and phones can be exhausting due to the amount of information that we fall into every second. So, when I create my lists and organize them by priorities, I know that my duty for that day will be achieved!

Distractions and distractions and distractions

As I said, computers and phones can challenge our ability to concentrate and attack our productivity all the time.

What I do and recommend is:

  1. Choose very well what kind of notifications I want to be active, so I’m only interrupted by really urgent things that really deserve my attention.
  2. Use a notebook to think and structure the work I am developing and use only the computer when I am already at the end of the project. So I’m not so distracted. It has been proven that writing by hand is more effective for our brain than writing on a keyboard, however much easier and less time-consuming it may seem, our brain was taught to write on paper from an early age which makes it assimilate the problems much more easily which leads to the next reaction faster: finding a SOLUTION!
  3. Remember that these moments are difficult for everyone and that creativity will not always turn on when you want and that is OK (unless you are already late in delivering the work, as is the case with this article). Even so, don’t use this argument as an excuse, but reward yourself with a chocolate when the job is finally done!

Ps: I know that not everyone has a job where that can put these tips into action. And not everyone can afford to behave like me at my job. With this blog I just want to brighten your day a little.

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