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#Infinitepeople Brian, the recent-graduate

#Infinitepeople Brian, the recent-graduate


I’m Brian and I was graduating in Territory Planning and Management when I discovered the Infinitebook. In my degree, I have always dealt extensively with the theme of environmental sustainability in the urban context, and gained a special interest in the area of sustainable mobility, having even held a seminar on the implementation of cycle paths in the urban context in order to reduce the environmental impact of the car and make the most sustainable commuting.

That afternoon I was walking around the supermarket shopping for material for the master’s degree in Spatial Planning and Urbanism that was about to start when I came across the Infinitebook and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! The simple concept of being able to study and make notes all in a single notebook without having to go back to that supermarket the following year to do the same search won me over, and I immediately regretted not having met him earlier.

The ease of being able to write without having to think too much about having a more interactive notebook that accompanies my creative process, being able to easily erase and re-write, and to know that I can write everything I want in the notebook, even the most temporary things, without feeling like I’m “spending a sheet” it was incredible.

Today, Infinitebook accompanies me everywhere: meetings, conferences, university and even for work! And because it is in an area that deals a lot with the importance of environmental sustainability, it is always funny when people stop, question how the notebook works, and to see their reaction when they realize that they too can have a notebook that will last forever.

Many thanks to Infinitebook for creating this incredible notebook that allows me to have more sustainable habits and for, notebook by notebook, helping to make the world more environmentally friendly! ”

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