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#Infinitepeople Javier, the teacher

#Infinitepeople Javier, the teacher

Going back to school can be ecofriendly!

Since I discovered Infinitebook on social networks there was love.

My name is Javier Gaviño, I am 35 years old and I am from Seville, Spain. I am dedicated to education. I am a primary school teacher, teacher trainer and I run a website and YouTube channel on Education:IDEAS PARA PROFES.

My students put up with the scraps that I give them with respect for the environment: “use a cloth bag”, “Reducing is better than recycling”, “your grandchildren will die of old age and that plastic bottle will still be out there polluting” … Many times they look at me as if I were a weirdo… But with such beautiful brands as Infinitebook, I feel that I am not alone. Looking at Instagram I came across the Infinite notebooks. It seemed like such a wonderful idea that I didn’t understand why I didn’t already know about it. I am passionate about education, but also nature. And I recognized in Infinitebook many trees saved from being cut down, in addition to an incredible potential in the educational field. It is a great material for teachers and students.

The starter pack in A5 format, without a guideline, was my first Infinitebook. It is proving very useful for me to write my book: I use it for brainstorming, drawings, quotes, annotations … Then, in front of my computer, I open my Infinitebook full of ideas and I start writing. I use it almost daily.

Now, I also use the new Mix. I would love for all my fellow teachers and students to use this material. The worst thing about finishing the course is being aware of the immense amount of paper that is thrown away every year.

After some time using Infinitebook it still looks great to me. It has little weight, it is very useful: I use it to take notes during meetings, prepare my classes or exercises, prepare the sketches for my book, prepare publications on my channel … Infinite notebook, infinite ideas.

If you’re reading me, here’s my advice: if you need a notebook, the environment needs Infinitebook. It is the most eco-friendly option I have seen. I started with my YouTube channel and my website with one goal: to share what is good for me because it can also be good for others. So, Infinitebook will be good for you and everyone.

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