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#Infinitepeople lígia, the veterinary nurse

#Infinitepeople lígia, the veterinary nurse

“Hello, Infinitebooker!

If I find you here, you are, most definitely, a true fan of these endless notebooks.

Today you’ll read a bit about my world and my experience with this top-notch Portuguese brand!

My name is Lígia, I’m 28 and I’m from Portugal, more specifically from the northern lands. Since my childhood, my passions have always been animals, technologies and science.

Based on all this, I decided to graduate in veterinary nursing and I immediately realized that I wanted to build a career in research. My first experience in this world was in autopsies and post mortem studies.

And what an incredible experience!

I currently work at a major research institute in my country and Infinitebook is an essential tool of my day. From simple notes to more complex studies, only Infinitebook allows me to have a notebook where I can expose all my ideas without limits. I know the brand since the beginning and it seems like yesterday that I saw the reports of this pioneering project! I loved the concept right from the start and knew I would have to try it out.

Currently, I don’t want anything else! With these incredible notebooks, you will no longer have to worry about losing loose sheets or keeping notes in the middle. Designed for all ages, these quality products guarantee endless adventures.

My first Infinitebook was the classic colour version, which I love!

In addition to all the notebooks, this team made several accessories available, which I also purchased. From coloured markers to cleaning kits, the options are immense and are suitable for all tastes.

Don’t forget to purchase the cleaning kit with your notebook, which will allow you to renew your notebook in the blink of an eye.

Were you convinced? Do like me, buy your Infinitebook and share your experience!

Lígia Lima”

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