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Infinitebook Mix – Back to School 📚

Infinitebook Mix – Back to School 📚

When the student calls us – we hear! At the request of many, we recognize the need to launch a notebook with a mix of interiors (lines, squares, dots and plain).

Thus we present the Infinitebook Mix.

About the Infinitebook Mix

It was born from the need for students to have all the possibilities at their fingertips. Having less weight, fewer things to put in your backpack and fewer things to forget. Born with the same mission as Infinitebook – Less is More!

We created a notebook with 4 tabs, each with a designated interior, starting with 5 lined sheets, then 5 squared sheets5 dotted sheets and, finally, 5 plain sheets. Thus, we hope that the Mix is the notebook chosen by the students. So that they do not need any more notebook, to be able to take the study to the next level, so that it is not necessary to spend so many sheets of paper.

On average, a student spends 6840 sheets. A backpack weighs 11kg. And it should only weigh 10% of body weight. Thousands in environmental waste, in notebooks that will be thrown away as soon as the year is over, in backpacks and broken bags with extreme weight, etc …

It’s time! It’s time to spend fewer trees, less material. It is time to stop living in the consumer cycle.

The Infinitebook was created so that you don’t need any more notebooks, to be the owner of your way of studying.

Today, you have another choice!

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