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#Infinitepeople Rute, the scientist

#Infinitepeople Rute, the scientist

Today we have another heroine of Infinite in the spotlight. This was the adventure that Rute told us:


My name is Rute Pereira and I am a scientist. Usually when I say this people start to imagine me with my hair all fuzzy in a laboratory full of chemical stains on my lab coat and making explosions. The reality is not very different (I haven’t exploded with anything yet, but you never know!).

The truth is that I am a 25-year-old girl who, at the age of 18, left the Capital of Waves (Peniche, Portugal) for the Capital of Soft Eggs (Aveiro, Portugal). I came to Aveiro to study Chemistry, a course that for years seemed “impossible” but after all, it showed to be as possible as any other course.

In fact, it was during my academic career that I first came across an Infinitebook (at the time it was still called Ecobook). A friend showed me an A4 Ecobook and introduced me to the concept. I was fascinated at the time! But I ended up not buying it because I didn’t think I would adapt, or that it wouldn’t work for me.

The first Infinitebook appeared in 2016 as a gift for my boyfriend. I bought him the basic model, black, and it was love at first sight (he still uses it today)!

I must confess that I was quite jealous, but I still found no use for me. Until I went through the Infinitebook website and noticed that there were planners! I loved the concept, and finally found an Infinitebook that fitted my needs perfectly. I bought a planner, which I use daily to prepare my weeks (with imperfect drafts before they are definitive and can be added to my agenda). In addition to this, the planner still has dotted pages (my favourites!) that I use a lot to design cell culture plates with all the planning of the experiments! A big advantage is the small size of the planner, which allows me to take it with me anywhere in my lab coat’s pocket.

But my favourite Infinitebook is the Marie Curie’s edition. Marie Curie is without a doubt my biggest inspiration at so many different levels. When I saw that Infinitebook had released a version with Marie Curie, I was so happy and practically begged until I had it. This Infinitebook is my everyday partner, where I make more complex schemes, where I point out ideas that come to me during the fantastic brainstormings with my PhD supervisors, or where I do that basic last-minute calculations.

As you can see, not everything we think at the beginning becomes a reality: I thought that Infinitebooks were not for me and now I can’t live without these two in my life! That is why I am an advocate that we should always give a second chance to everything (and everyone!) we meet, and not just stay with the first impression.

I am very happy to be part of the Infinitebook family, not only for what it represents at an ecological and technological level but also for the fact that it is a Portuguese company, created by a young man who never gave up on his dreams and daily fights with everything he has for Infinitebook to grow more and more as a brand.

Your scientist,


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