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#Infinitepeople André, the sport manager

#Infinitepeople André, the sport manager

Hi, I’m André! I am 25 years old and I am, at the moment, a Manager… for Sports!
I work at an IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institution), in the development of rehabilitation projects that use sport as a link for the individual and collective development of people with disabilities and/or mental illness. I’m also responsible for the Erasmus project department, which allows many young people the possibility of carrying out unbelievable volunteer experiences. In addition, I am a Football Coach, and I am also part of the CPCJ Extended Committee of Gondomar, as a representative of youth associations.
I am “a little” restless, so I decided to create a Youth Association – Aventur! That aims to promote projects that link sport, mobility, adventure and environmental sustainability!
How did I get to know Infinitebook? I was looking for a sustainable solution to replace my notebooks – always full, always looking for one more, which meant an unnecessary expense. I saw a post on Facebook and decided to order my first Infinitebook: the Starter KIT Infinitebook A5 Makers!
I have since acquired two or three more of the most basic notebooks, both to offer to project partners, as well as to my co-workers. Recently, I also acquired the Planner to partner with my Makers.
What I can say is that this product has exceeded my expectations and I can no longer let go, I use it for everything: taking notes, ideas, meetings, planning, organizing the agenda and tasks!
My tip is to create a folder on your computer to organize all your notes over time!
I feel like I’m a promotional agent for Infinitebook within my network! Everyone hears me “scold” for still using notebooks or sheets of paper instead of this – so much better – option. 
Finally, it remains for me to say that Aventur is developing a project within the European Solidarity Corps for the promotion of Environmental Sustainability, and Infinitebook is now one of our partners! We are going to carry out cleaning actions in our parish, making a documentary, and going to the schools to organize a workshop on sustainable practices… guess what will be the most used and “forced” material for students and teachers? Of course… the Infinitebook!
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