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#Infinitepeople João, the science communicator

#Infinitepeople João, the science communicator

“Hello! My name is João Cardoso, I’m 24 years old and I’m extremely happy to be able to share my experience with Infinitebook. Since 2019 I’ve been working in the area of Science Communication at a biomedical research institution at the University of Coimbra (at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, or CNC). There I am responsible for all external communication: from contact with the media, management, social media management of the Center and production of multimedia content.

I was always one of those people who scribbled a lot of ideas on paper – whether it was small or large I would always end up with a notebook that was disorganized or incomprehensible, even for me. When I started working at the CNC I was offered an Infinitebook (perhaps with a subliminal message that it would be better to have a more organized notebook in the new workplace) with Albert Einstein on the cover to remind me that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. I knew the brand from ads on social media and I have to confess that it was extremely important to me to acquire a notebook, which not only helped me to erase the initial versions of the doodles that did not reach the final versions of the ideas but also made me feel that I had a more active in reducing the environmental pollution.

Bearing in mind that in my work I have lots of meetings, planning and the need to doodle a lot when I’m simplifying biomedical knowledge to make it more accessible for everyone: I ended up purchasing an additional Infinitebook Planner and another Einstein notebook. The first became crucial for me to organize the content for social media over the several weeks of the month (and use the blank pages to be able to think about new types of content), but also to schedule meetings in a more personalized way. Einstein’s 2 notebooks were divided later: 1 of the notebooks now serves to write everything that goes on at meetings and to organize my “To-Do Lists”, and the other so that I can draw and outline the science of the Center when I channel it in the form of videos or press releases.

The truth is that from the moment I acquired the first notebook, I love advertising it to colleagues and friends. Whether it is to say how much it helps me daily, and that it can help them too, but also to reinforce the idea that it is something that in the long run helps on the path to reducing the ecological footprint, which must be everyone’s fight. I have already offered countless notebooks to friends especially when exchanging secret Santa (please notice that it is an infallible gift) and I can say that I have an excellent “weapon” in Science Communication, and in helping with the accessible transmission of scientific knowledge to all, in an “Infinite” way.

Thank you so much to the Infinitebook for revolution in my life, in an innovative notebook that allows me to be more organized, and for letting me share my experience!”

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