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5 reasons to have a reusable notebook

5 reasons to have a reusable notebook

When we launched Infinitebook one of the biggest comments we heard was, “Why do I want a reusable notebook if there are tablets now?”
It was always a question that I was able to answer easily and now I want to share some of the reasons.

1 – It doesn’t run out of battery
This is easy, the notebook doesn’t run out of battery at the end of a day’s work when we really need to take some note or explain something to someone.

2 – Increases efficiency in 1:1 meetings
The most valuable asset today is not money but time. And the biggest waste of time is with ineffective meetings. Using Infinitebook makes it easier to explain topics, clarify goals, and enhance team communication.

3 – Increases the ability to retain information
When we write with a pen and not a keyboard, we can retain the information in a much more effective way. Writing things that we’re going to need to remember, for example, checklists, greatly increases the hypothesis that we remember in the future.

4 – Don’t get distracted
Using a tablet or computer to take notes is a dangerous game. While you are writing you are flooded with notifications that will distract you from the main task. Also, all social networks are just a few clicks away.

5 – You are more creative
When you have a natural extension of the brain where you can scribble, erase and rewrite, you can think better and create better solutions. Sometimes the best ideas come from many attempts and mistakes, and nothing better than a reusable notebook to do so in a sustainable way.

There is also the price and durability factor, but although they are important factors, they are not the most crucial in the adoption of a portable whiteboard.
Now, are you convinced?

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