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Dad’s opinion, @timelessdad, about Infinitebook Calligraphy ☀️

Dad’s opinion, @timelessdad, about Infinitebook Calligraphy ☀️

@timelessdad talked to us about his journey with Infinitebook and about how his kids have been loving the Infinitebook Calligraphy. Here’s what he told us: 

My name is Fábio Castro, I am 34 and the father of two children, Salvador and Camila, aged 6 and 3.I studied arts and nowadays, I work as a specialist in communication and training. I am also a photographer in my spare time and a creator of digital content. I am passionate about digital marketing, leadership and high performance. I like to run, read and practice MuayThai.

I’ve always been a person that had notebooks, diaries, pads, pens, and everything that had to do with the world of drawing, writing, and productivity. Until, one day, when searching on social media about what could be the ideal notebook for me, I found Infinitebook. Write, draw, erase and permanently have a new notebook? It immediately resonated with me, and the “Infinitebook Makers A5” has been part of my daily life for over 3 years.

And as children always follow the example of their parents, the passion for writing, drawing and the Infinitebook also reached them. Several times my notebooks disappeared and reappeared with scribbles, drawings and attempts to write their name, in a still somewhat clumsy way.

Fortunately, the Infinitebook is reusable… 🙂

Meanwhile, Nito arrived at our house. he infinite notebook that helps the little ones learn to handwrite. Thus, my notebooks became mine and nobody else’s! And the calligraphy one became theirs. 

It is with great satisfaction that I see their joy in being able to replicate the numbers, as well as the letters of the alphabet. Satisfaction increases when they know they can erase and rewrite, draw, or simply scribble, to infinity and beyond. That’s why I recommend this notebook for anyone with young children. Makes learning super fun and sustainable! 

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