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Infinite releases – CTRL+Z & CUBE

Infinite releases – CTRL+Z & CUBE

We have two new features: today we launched two covers for the Infinitebook!

Our product designer is too used to using this key combination that when it was time to choose a new cover – CTRL+Z– had to be our first pick. It was created to maintain our tradition of always letting mistakes be corrected. As described on the back cover: “Happily Undoing Forever”.


And then we knew we needed something for lovers of the discreet, the trickster detail that is only ours, so personal, so underrated. Thus it was born from the geometric patterns in petroleum blue – the Cube – to ensure that lovers of small details like us are represented in full-force – where discreet touches in gold do not disagree with the vision of less attentive eyes.

Tell us what you think in the comments! Ideas are always welcome!!!


Thank you for believing in our family. More news are coming. Watch out.

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