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Behind the scenes of the reusable notebook created with Artificial Intelligence

Behind the scenes of the reusable notebook created with Artificial Intelligence

Have you seen our new reusable notebook Infinitebook Einstein AI? Well, restlessness runs in our blood and the news is like popcorn in our heads. Thus was born our latest product, designed and created using artificial intelligence (AI).

With or without Artificial Intelligence, the new notebook knows what the house spends: the environment is the starting point and the main objective. But don’t worry, we won’t keep this secret to ourselves!

Today we share our experience, from the first idea to the moment we had the notebook in our hands. Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about what matters: Is ChatGPT just a trend or a useful tool for your workday? 

Welcome to the Infinitebook Einstein AI story.

1. Where it all began

Who doesn’t love a good story? Once upon a time there was a team with a good dose of innovation and not afraid to make mistakes when trying new ideas. Technology fans or not, you can’t ignore all the advances and future prospects. Artificial Intelligence is out there and it’s no joke. An example of this is OpenAI’s latest tool: ChatGPT.

We saw the potential of this tool and wanted to test its impact on Infinitebook’s day-to-day work. And then we thought: “why not try it?”. Yes, we are those adventurers always ready to let our imagination run wild! And, of course, we launch (yet) a new challenge: is this tool “Fun or Future”?

Experience is part of our DNA. We are not afraid to make mistakes! After all, just erase and start over. So we decided to give Artificial Intelligence platforms a try and see if we are the perfect match.

And what’s the best way to test this friendship? Through a product that is also a tool to increase the productivity and profitability of work. Check!

2. And everything a reusable notebook took: the preparation

All our projects don’t move forward without a plan. And the Infinitebook Einstein AI was no exception. The first step had already been taken: the idea was between us and there was no way to get it out of our heads. We gathered the team and started planning the perfect notebook: how it would be made and what the design would be. As for this friend, we joined the DALL-E 2. We chose characteristics that well represent the brand and the purpose of the new reusable notebook: the Einstein and the color green. Then the DALL-E 2 made the magic happen. 

Einstein’s choice seemed obvious to us:

  • It was and is a disruptive name in its field
  • It caused a furor, doubts and dilemmas as Artificial Intelligence 

The green background is just another reminder of our mission. What we do is always with a single purpose: sustainability and respect for the environment.

With the idea and a plan on the table, it’s time for the truth: execution!

3. Let’s put the machine to work: production

The new reusable notebook is a unique product in Portugal and was even created entirely by AI, from Einstein’s 3D rendering, to the green environment, and even the text. “Like this?” Yes, it was possible! We only use two tools. The work was born from the collaboration between the DALL-E 2 tool and ChatGPT. 

Our two friends on this project helped create the design and all of the text on the product. In other words, they created the notebook of the future (risky?). 

In the visual part, the protagonist was the DALL-E 2. A tool that creates images from given instructions. In our case they were: the figure of Albert Einstein, in 3D, on a completely green background. As for the text, the ChatGPT took the stage. For the back cover, we asked the tool to tell us a quote from Einstein on Artificial Intelligence. Do you want to know ChatGPT’s answer? It does not exist because Einstein “did not live to see the advances of modern technology”. Ironic, isn’t it?

But the story doesn’t stop there. ChatGPT suggested a quote about technological development said by Einstein: “it has become terribly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity”. To this, ChatGPT added: “Some people may interpret [this idea] as a general warning about technology, which includes AI”.

The tools also helped to choose the composition of the notebook. Sheets are dotted thanks to Chat GPT suggestion. Spoiler alert: they are the most used in the world!

After hours in the company of these tools, we created a first draft. We were ready to put the dream on paper and create the first physical prototype. We can’t say the time or the weight with which the Infinitebook Einstein AI was born. But we know you can’t forget this moment! 

4. The final tie in the gift of the year: communication

If this new reusable notebook stayed between us, it wouldn’t be the same. Let’s tell the story from start to finish!

The message we want to convey with this product is one: there is no innovation without experimenting. To create something it is necessary to look for inspiration, take risks, test, fail and try again. As we teach you every day: there is no mistake to be scared of if you can just erase it and start over!

Our experience with Artificial Intelligence is proof of that. We look at a trend and think: “let’s test it to see if it works”. This is how works are born. It’s not enough to have the idea, you have to put your hands to work. 

At the end of the day, we’re contributing something even more important. Open the debate on Artificial Intelligence. Sharing this process and Infinitebook Einstein AI just want to show the potential of these tools to revolutionize a company’s productivity and creativity. 

5. Cheese Question: Is Artificial Intelligence “Fun or Future?”

After all this, we want to know your opinion. Is artificial intelligence just a trend? Are we just fascinated with something new? Or can it be a useful tool? What can help the profitability of companies and employees?

The new reusable notebook created with AI wants to open the door to anyone who wants to think about this topic with us. What is our opinion? These tools, such as ChatGPT, bring advantages to companies: they respond quickly (believe me!) and provide clear, objective and current information. 

But to what extent will it replace us? Are there limits to the answers you bring? Can we trust 100%? Is the content quality? 

Now it’s your turn! We challenge everyone to talk about the issues that Artificial Intelligence raises. Tick tock: the world doesn’t stop!

The game is on! What are your bets?

Test your ideas and future scenarios with our Infinitebook Einstein AI.

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