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All you need to know about customizing an Infinitebook

All you need to know about customizing an Infinitebook

You got it right: the reusable infinite notebook is (also) customizable! You can customize it from the cover, to the rings, and even the inside. Let’s get down to facts.

A customized Infinitebook is an amazing brand awareness tool for your company. First, if it’s personalized, it has your brand’s signature. Second, it will position your company as innovative and sustainable. And believe me, the interest this will generate! Find out all the benefits of a customized Infinitebook.

“And how do I personalize my notebook?” – pertinent questions is up to us. In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about how to customize an Infinitebook.

5 steps to customize your Infinitebook

The customization process is simple and starts on our “For Business” page. There you can download our catalog where you can see and choose all the customization options you can integrate.

  1. Choose a size – A4, A5, or A6? – and the color of the cover and rings – black, blue, red, green, or “donkey color when running away?”
  2. Choose how you want to personalize the outside of your notebook. Do you want to put your logo on the cover? Or fully customize the cover, back cover and its interiors?
  3. Choose the inside of your notebook . Do you want a simple interior, one of our templates, or to create your own? And now that you have your notebook ready, it remains to decide what the experience of receiving the Infinitebook will be like!
  4. Add the complete kit, which includes, in addition to the black fine-tip marker, the cleaning kit and the marker holder. All in a reusable box that you can also customize! 🤯
  5. Decide how you want to receive your personalized Infinitebook. Do you want to receive all Infinitebooks in one place or do you need us to arrange to send them to each correspondent?

Who are we kidding, we take care of everything, don’t we?

And that’s it, customizing an Infinitebook is easy! Now you just need to know how many you want. When in doubt, always say yes! If a reusable, infinite notebook has piqued your interest or raised questions, find out more on our “For Business” page.

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