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10 ways to use Infinitebook on your summer vacation

10 ways to use Infinitebook on your summer vacation

The time that we all want throughout the year has come, the summer vacation. The sun warms up, the skin gets darker, the days seem longer. You don’t have to worry about the thousand and one tasks in class and you can simply enjoy your day to relax. With luck, you even go on vacation somewhere and can have fun somewhere different. Thinking about those holidays, we decided to point out 10 different ways that your Infinitebook can be useful to you this week:


1. Pack your suitcase (and don’t forget anything)

If you are one of those people who has a blank one whenever you have to pack your bags, your Infinitebook is the perfect solution for you. Take a moment to think and point out everything you’ll need to take with you on vacation. Do you already have sunscreen, beach towel and sunglasses?



2. Play cards and score points

Are you on the terrace playing cards and are you mentally scoring everyone’s points? We don’t want you to be lazy, but on vacation you deserve it. With your Infinitebook, you can simply point to a white sheet and you’re not wasting paper. In the end, you can still highlight who the winner is.

And whoever says playing cards, also says other games. Why not point out the dominoes, beer pong, beach volleyball, 3 in a row?


3. Write what’s on your mind

Got a brilliant idea, but you’re in the pool and you have nowhere to aim? Isn’t paper water resistant and you don’t want this to be another idea that gets lost in your phone’s notebook? Your Infinitebook is the perfect solution to help you. Throw it all out before you forget and don’t let your ideas die! Or you can simply write down what you’re feeling so that, a day later, you can remember those holidays with nostalgia.


4. Plan the week

Do you want to make the most of your vacation week elsewhere and need to plan everything you’re going to do? Now it’s easier than ever. Grab your Infinite Planner (link) and outline everything you’re going to do this week. What places are you going to visit? What places do you want to go? Em que restaurantes vais comer? What restaurants are you going to eat at?


5. Make a shopping list

Are you going to stay on vacation in a hotel apartment and cook for yourself, to be more economical? You will have the full experience and you will have to go shopping, but are you afraid of forgetting something? Make your list with your Infinitebook and delete it as you go shopping. It’s practical and simple to use!


6. Count how many vacation days you have left

During your vacation week, you will probably lose track of time. You will no longer know if it is Wednesday or Thursday. However, if you are one of those masochistic people who like to count how many days are left until they return home, your Infinitebook will come in handy. Every day you will be able to make your countdown, erasing the previous day and drawing the new one.


7. Record the number of your new friends

Did you go out at night and make new friends? Did you make conversation with the neighbors next door? Did you meet new people at the pool and keep their number? You can always use your Infinitebook to record everything. And if that friendship only lasts for the summer, like some relationships, you can just erase the draft. Find out here at [link da pub a limpar o livro]how you can clean your book in seconds!


8. Make a list of the series you are going to watch

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like to sunbathe at the most dangerous hours and prefer to stay at home and watch a series after lunch? You can always make a list of the series you are going to watch and you can even take the opportunity to transfer with time – you never know when the wi-fi will fail, or if the signal will be weak because everyone is using it at the same time.

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9. Have fun while traveling

There are many people who like to take long car trips. For example, there are those who drive out of Porto and drive to the Algarve every year – there are more people than you might think. Why not take your Infinitebook with you on the trip and play games along the way? You can always play the STOP game or try to guess the car license plates. It’s a good way to pass the time!


10. Think about how productive you are going to be!

You didn’t do anything during the holidays and now you feel with a guilty conscience because you didn’t make anything? You took this time just to live in the moment, but does the future haunt your soul? As an entrepreneur who has already launched his own company once said, “You will only really be able to be creative when you stop and have nothing to do”. How about taking advantage of your clear and calm mind to set goals? Where do you want to be by the end of the year? You have everything you need to go further!


11. Give free rein to your imagination. Endless possibilities.

This tip is extra, but we still wish she was here. If you put your creativity into the mix and push yourself, you’ll find that you have a thousand and one innovative ways to use Infinitebook. Neither is the sky the limit. All you need is our pen and paper, which you can use as many times as you want. Let your imagination fly. With your Infinitebook, you have infinite possibilities!

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