Shipping and Returns

Delivery time

Estimated standard delivery time is 3 to 5 working (business) days for mainland Portugal and Spain and 15 business days for the Portuguese/Spanish islands and the rest of the world. In the case of stock failure, the Client will be contacted by e-mail about the new predictive delivery date, with the option to cancel the order. Any additional information about the predictable delivery time can be asked by the e-mail:

Payment Methods

The Client can pay for the order through wire transfer for the ATM reference (Portugal only), MBWay (Portugal only), Credit Card or PayPal.

Order Cancellation

The Client can withdraw the order since it had not already been processed by Infinitebook. The order drop off can be formalized by e-mail:

No Acceptance of the Order

Infinitebook reserves the right not to accept the order, informing the Client, in the following situations:

a) Out of stock; b) Product unavailability; c) If Infinitebook considers existing bad conduct by the Client or some inconsistency on the registered personal data.


The Client can return the item within 30 days after the reception of the product. In the same period, the Client can proceed to the complaint due to defects, inadequacy or inaccuracy of the product which was ordered. The complaint must be formalized by e-mail to In the complaint, the Client must indicate the reasons behind it, always mentioning the order number. The support team to the website will contact the Client to inform how to proceed to the return of the items. If the complaint is found justifiable, Infinitebook will provide the return costs and the shipping of a new delivery.

In the case of the reasons behind the return aren’t Infinitebook responsibility, the return will be accepted after Infinitebook make sure that the items are unused and returned in their original packaging. The value paid by the Client will be returned, reduced the shipping costs of the delivery. In the case of personalized products, there is no right of withdrawal, exchange or refund, except in case of product defect. Infinitebook reserves the right to not accept returns of products without prior notice, and if the Client doesn’t follow the previous rules.

Limit of Liability

We will do everything in our power for the information displayed be free of spelling errors. If they occur, we will correct them as soon as possible. In case of the information do not correspond to the product, the Client can return the item (see number 9.)

The photos on the website are illustrative. We recommend seeing the product features for more detailed information. Regardless of our efforts, some of the products may be with the wrong price. We will check them all, by treating the orders. If the price is lower than the advertised, we will return the difference to the Client. If the price is higher, Infinitebook will inform the Client by e-mail and wait for the decision to accept the new price or cancel the order.

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