Black Markers Pack (F)

Tax included.

Two black markers are the opportunity to double your infinity! Whatever the outcome is, the open possibilities are too many to miss!

  • 0,6 mm line width;
  • Water-soluble ink;
  • Colour-intensive, low-odour;
  • Lightfast;
  • Eraser integrated;
  • Airplane-safe.
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Reusable Notebook

Reuse more than 3000 times!

Smooth Writing

Write like on a whiteboard.

Sustainable Solution

Stop wasting paper.

Infinite Freedom

An analog tool for creativity.

About our Markers

Fear not! We are here to help you.

What markers can I use?

With Infinitebook, we recommend using Infinitebook markers, specially formulated to not smudge or stain the notebook. They offer the best user experience. Infinitebook markers are fine-tip (0.6 mm) and available in Black and Red.

You can use other markers that have colour options: Staedtler's non-permanent markers (Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent). Remember that these markers do not dry completely and therefore smudge and may transfer to subsequent pages. Still, we have several customers who like to use these markers to colour notes and underline. They work exceptionally well with the Sticky Notes.

The use of other markers and/or brands may permanently stain your Infinitebook.

My marker fails to write or is dry. What can I do?

The tip of the Infinitebook marker dries if you leave it uncovered. To start writing again, simply put and remove the lid, where there is a sponge that reactivates ink flow. 

This is because the marker ink is specially formulated to dry quickly, so it doesn't smudge on the sheet. 

Is there a refill station for the Infinitebook marker?

A more eco-friendly alternative to buying new markers is refilling. Only available for the black marker allows you to refill the marker ink between 3 to 5 times.