Infinitebook Infinitamente A4

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Unlock Your Mind’s Potential. Designed by neuropsychology experts during a time when cognitive stimulation is more crucial than ever, Infinitebook InfinitaMente is your key to maintaining and enhancing cognitive function.

Born from the collaboration between two passionate psychologists and Infinitebook, this cognitive stimulation reusable notebook aims to promote healthy aging and mental acuity through engaging exercises targeting orientation, attention, memory, language, and executive functions.

Pages: 40 pages with more than 100 exercises (Total of 20 Sheets) | Size: A4 (297x210mm)
Included: Reusable Notebook + 1 Pack of 4 Staedtler Lumocolor Non-permanent Markers (0.6 mm) in Blue, Green, Black, and Red

The text is written in Portuguese.

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Reusable Notebook

Reuse more than 3000 times!

Validated Tool

Approved by the Psychologists' Order

Sustainable Solution

Stop wasting paper.


Suitable for use in hospital settings.

Some useful info

The Infinitebook InfinitaMente, a cognitive stimulation tool developed by psychologists Cláudia Sousa and Telma Miranda, is designed to enhance brain functions such as orientation, attention, memory, language, and executive functions.

Targeting adults and the elderly, this innovative product aims to combat neural skill loss over time, offering a reusable, disinfectable notebook that is perfect for individual use, health professionals, and caregivers alike.

Cláudia, with a Master's in Health Psychology from the University of Minho, specializes in Clinical Psychology and Health, with an advanced specialization in Neuropsychology, while Telma, holding a Master's in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Porto, has been working in neuropsychology since 2015. Their combined expertise and commitment to cognitive health and sustainability are evident in InfinitaMente's design, providing over 100 organized exercises that not only stimulate cognitive functions but also encourage daily cognitive training and awareness of reusability and sustainability.

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Still with doubts ?

Fear not! We are here to help you.

What's an Infinitebook, and how does it work?

Infinitebook is a reusable notebook with a whiteboard writing experience. It is possible to write and erase, reusing the same notebook infinite times, hence Infinitebook. There are Infinitebooks of different sizes and interiors; all include a fine-tip black marker (0.6mm).

What are the advantages of using an Infinitebook?
  • Eco-Friendly: Infinitebook significantly reduces paper waste, contributing to environmental conservation by minimizing the need for traditional paper notebooks.
  • Creativity Unleashed: With the ability to erase and rewrite, you are encouraged to brainstorm, sketch, and note-take without fear of making permanent mistakes, fostering a creative and experimental mindset.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Infinitebook can be used for a variety of purposes—planning, drawing, note-taking—making it a versatile tool for personal and professional organization.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand repeated use, Infinitebook is more durable than traditional paper notebooks, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • Educational Tool: For students, the reusable notebook is an excellent educational tool, facilitating learning and study habits without the waste associated with paper consumption.
  • Support for Mindfulness and Productivity: The act of physically writing and erasing can be a mindful practice that helps focus thoughts and ideas, thereby enhancing productivity.
How to erase the Infinitebook?

There are 3 ways you can erase your Infinitebook:

  1. To erase small errors, e.g., misspellings, we recommend that you use the mini eraser on the back of the marker.
  2. To erase entire pages of fresh ink (up to 1 week), you can use an ordinary cloth dampened with water and well wrung out.
  3. To erase entire pages of old ink (after 1 week), we recommend that you use our Cleaning Kit, designed to make the cleaning process simpler and more effective. 

In addition, we have a whole video explaining the best ways to keep your Infinitebook always clean.

Does the marker ink smudge? Transfer to other pages?

Infinitebook ink is specially formulated to dry in just 8 seconds. After drying, it does not smudge, even if you pass your hand over the notes, nor does it transfer to other pages.

How do I save my notes?

You can take a picture with your cell phone or scan the page with any scanning app to save your notes. 

Infinitebook works with any scanning app. Use the app that best meets your needs. If you don't use any, we recommend CamScanner or Adobe Scan.

Are Infinitebook pages malleable?

Yes. Infinitebook pages strike the perfect balance between flexibility and durability. They're designed to be malleable, ensuring a smooth and comfortable writing experience.