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#Infinitepeople Sofiya, the 1/2 doctor

#Infinitepeople Sofiya, the 1/2 doctor

Another Friday another champion! Today, from Ukraine but living in Portugal, we have our #Infinitepoeple heroine – Sofiya, this is what she told us:

“Hello, my name is Sofiya Reshetar, I am 21 years old and I decided to go on the adventure of the medical world in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Right now, I’m half a doctor, halfway through medical school.

In fact, everyone identifies medicine to people who spend their lives in books, I assure you that we do more than that, but being honest, we also spend a lot of time in books, and today I want to talk to you about a special book for me – Infinitebook I got to know Infinitebook via Instagram and loved the idea right away! I always was the type of person who loved making whiteboard layouts and the idea of having a whiteboard on multiple pages with me everywhere was like a dream come true. I bought it without even thinking twice and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. As soon as it arrived, I never left it.

I confess, there is no better tool than a notebook where you can do all the scrawls you need, transfer everything to your cell phone or even write it clean into your paper notebook and have a book that lasts a lifetime (infinite). Also, I started to be more aware of environmental issues and this helps a lot to consume less paper.

Now, the Infinitebook comes with me everywhere, I use it to write down everything, reminders, ideas, plans for the day (and what a satisfaction it is to rub them off as soon as they are done), shopping lists, and study schemes. I love the versatility with which I can use it for anything, it is an asset both professionally and personally.

I have Infinitebook A4 as my ally in the university journey and maybe, in the future, you will be in a doctor’s office with a doctor who points everything in an Infinitebook, it will be me.

Infinitebook, Infinite Possibilities.”

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