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How to erase the Infinitebook

How to erase the Infinitebook

“I bought an Infinitebook, I loved it so much that it was all written in an instant, and now, how do I erase it?”

believe, with the help of the feedback I have received, that most people with an Infinitebook have already gone through a similar situation and that is why I decided to write this post.
I want the experience of using the Infinitebook to be the best and I don’t want to force people to buy any extra products, so I’m going to give some tips on how to erase the Infinitebook with and without the cleaning kit.

1 – To erase recent ink, use a cloth or damp paper.

2 – Never use alcohol to clean the Infinitebook, it will become more difficult to write and erase in the future. 

3 – The Infinitebook is water resistant but not waterproof. For example, do not put it under the tap! (please)

4 – In order to facilitate cleaning, try to erase the notebook as often as possible. Daily or weekly if you can.

5 – If the ink is in the Infinitebook for a long time, we recommend the cleaning kit. Using the sponge that comes with the kit is the easiest and most effective solution for erasing an entire notebook. 

The cleaning kit makes the process a lot easier because it comes with everything needed for cleaning fresh or dry ink. 

We’ve also had a lot of good practice questions when using it, so we decided to make a video explaining the whole process from the moment it comes to your house.

I hope I was helpfull! If you have any questions or want to see any problem solved, send us an email. We will be happy to answer.

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