Starter Kit Infinitebook Einstein AI A5

This unique piece was created entirely by Artificial Intelligence, from the Einstein 3D rendering to the green environment, and even the text. “What do you mean? 🤯”


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⚠ includes a black fine-tipped marker.

Pages: 15 Plain Sheets
Size: A5 (148x210mm)
Cover: Soft
Weight: 220g
Rings: Green Spiral


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Notebook and accessories, an inseparable duo like Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

Leather Notebook Cover


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leather cover

Red Marker


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Sticky Notes


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infinitebook Sticky Notes

The story of Infinitebook Einstein AI

We are passionate about innovation. For trying new things without fear of making mistakes. This was an opportunity for us to test a new AI tool that came to shake the market. Einstein’s choice seemed obvious to us: he was and is a disruptive name in his field, which once caused the same furore, doubts and dilemmas that OpenAI is raising.


“A 3d render of a small Einstein in a green environment”

This phrase was enough to create the cover illustration. On the back is a description of this Infinitebook, generated 100% by AI. The sheets are dotted, ChatGPT’s choice as the most used interior in the world. On the back cover, is a quote from Einstein on technological development. Einstein once said: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”


  • 1 Infinitebook Einstein AI
  • 1 Black Marker
  • 1 Pen Loop
  • 1 Cleaning Kit
  • 1 Einstein Customized Box

How we did it:

We recorded the development of this Infinitebook because we wanted to share our experience and have a real-life example of OpenAI’s potential. Launch for discussion what this tool can mean for concrete tasks. We couldn’t hide this to ourselves!

Our Why

Is the ChatGPT just a trend, which lives on this fascination and apparent disruption?; or is it already a helpful tool, capable of revolutionizing the world of work and the productivity of companies and employees? Our goal is to challenge everyone to talk and reflect on the scope and questions that this Artificial Intelligence model raises. Conclusions are open.


Can you guess how many different ways you can use your Infinitebook?

As many as you want! You can learn while taking notes, watch your next big idea come to life in a notebook, or brainstorm with thinking maps. The options are endless!

What do our clients say?

Infinitebook started with a person, and today we are an extended family. What makes us happy is seeing what people build from our notebook, now theirs (are we watching way too many Friends?).

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