Starter Kit Infinitebook A4 Lined

There’s no excuse for keeping your next novel in your drawer! Is there anything more creative than being able to erase and rewrite as many times as you feel like in a large, lined A4 notebook? Upgrade to starter kit


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Page Layout
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⚠ includes a black fine-tipped marker, a Cleaning Kit and a Pen Loop.

Pages: 20 Lined Sheets
Size: A4 (297x210mm)
Cover: Soft
Weight: 490g
Rings: Black Spiral


Complete your experience:

Notebook and accessories, an inseparable duo like Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

Sticky Notes


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infinitebook Sticky Notes

Red Marker


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Refill Station


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For those in love with writing

Note that the Infinitebook Lined A4 will put you on the line (literally!). This notebook is the perfect life coach for the most awkward or perfectionist. No word derails, and you can write at your leisure. Space is not going anywhere either!


  • 1 Infinitebook Lined A4
  • 1 Black Marker
  • 1 Pen Loop
  • 1 Cleaning Kit

But after all, is there more than one size?

Yes! We want Infinitebook to be synonymous with comfort. So we’ve created 3 size options to make your day-to-day more practical.

Can I choose another page layout?

We know how page layouts can make all the difference. So, to ensure that everyone is happy, there are 4 different page layouts that you can choose from!

Plain For those who don’t like limits.

Lined For the strictest that can’t see a crooked line.

Can you guess how many different ways you can use your Infinitebook?

As many as you want! You can learn while taking notes, watch your next big idea come to life in a notebook, or brainstorm with thinking maps. The options are endless!

What do our clients say?

Infinitebook started with a person, and today we are an extended family. What makes us happy is seeing what people build from our notebook, now theirs (are we watching way too many Friends?).


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