Red Marker (F)

Good ideas deserve a special highlight! The red marker is the love partner of the black marker: together, they even cause butterflies to your stomach!


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-6 mm line width;
-Water-soluble ink;
-Colour-intensive, low-odour;
-Wiper integrated into the end plug;


Everything you need to know about the Red Marker

A creative’s Infinitebook must have a good dose of color! The Red Marker is the right option to start highlighting the most important among everything that comes to your mind. And deep down, who doesn’t like to vary the color of titles or bullet points? Red and Black is that pair that never fails!

How to erase using the Red Marker?

On the back end of your marker, you’ll find a tiny felt eraser. It allows you to wipe out spelling mistakes on the go.

What do our clients say?

Infinitebook started with a person, and today we are an extended family. What makes us happy is seeing what people build from our notebook, now theirs (are we watching way too many Friends?).


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