Pack Staedtler Lumocolor® Non-permanent (F)

A bit of color might just be what you need! Highlight your notes and make your ideas the pot at the end of the rainbow!


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Colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue

Line with a thickness of 0.6 mm;
Universal markers to use on almost any surface;
Water-soluble ink;
Bright colors;
Ink dries quickly;
To erase, use a damp cloth;
Safe to use on airplanes.


Everything you need to know about the Pack Staedtler Lumocolor® Non-permanent

Everyone needs a dash of color in their life – and this is ours! Staedtler has developed the non-permanent markers that work with our Infinitebook notebooks. However, these markers are more soluble in water (compared to the usual Infinitebook markers) so they can smudge and (because they don’t have an eraser on the back end) they are not able to erase small errors. To erase, just use a damp cloth! PS: They’re Sticky Notes’ best friends – watching paint drip under a running facet becomes the most satisfying sight in the universe, you should try it!

What do our clients say?

Infinitebook started with a person, and today we are an extended family. What makes us happy is seeing what people build from our notebook, now theirs (are we watching way too many Friends?).

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