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Black Marker (F)

What would your Infinitebook be without its Black Marker? Ideas would be left unwritten and errors unerased! This is the old pal of your Infinitebook!


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Additional Info

-6 mm line width;
-Water-soluble ink;
-Colour-intensive, low-odour;
-Wiper integrated into the end plug;
-Refillable with the Refill Station.


Everything you need to know about the Black Marker

The Black Marker is the perfect complement for your creativity to flow without brakes or blocks. Tuning is automatic! Your thoughts will start to take shape even before you notice because of how smooth this marker is. And as for minor errors, in a second, they can be erased! We needed a way to unleash your creativity, so the black marker was born!

How to erase using the Black Marker?

On the back end of your marker, you’ll find a tiny felt eraser. It allows you to wipe out spelling mistakes on the go.

What do our clients say?

Infinitebook started with a person, and today we are an extended family. What makes us happy is seeing what people build from our notebook, now theirs (are we watching way too many Friends?).


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