How does the Infinitebook work?

What is an Infinitebook? How to delete an Infinitebook?
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The first step is to write!

Who wouldn’t like to experience every day what it’s like to write in a notebook as if it were a whiteboard? The lightness and fluidity with which the marker glides across the notebook gives you goose bumps!

Writing in an Infinitebook causes less friction with the paper and decreases the writing reaction time. This way you increase productivity and creativity!

Then go all out and erase!

Without fear! Because you can rewrite and delete as many times as you want!

On the back of the bookmark you’ll find a mini eraser, perfect for erasing spelling mistakes! You can also use a cloth dampened with water and squeezed well. Or, to make the whole process easier we have created the Cleaning Kit.

Learn more about how to delete the Infinitebook, here

Last but not least: reuse!

One minute you have a page all written on and the next it’s as good as new and ready to be reused! This is our secret: your page is as clean as before and free to start again!

In the end, Infinitebook is greener and more sustainable because it can last forever!

Why don’t you try it yourself?

The physical and the digital are completely different realities. But you might, like us, fall in love with the pleasure of erasing. Fun is for sure!

Your Tools:

First, take your Infinitebook marker and write or draw whatever you like.
Finally, the fun part has arrived, time to erase!
Now spray it with water.

How do you erase?

Get your invisibility cloak ready because we’re going to learn how to make the Infinitebook ink disappear!

Turn your marker upside down, and magic happens

On the back of the marker you will find a mini felt-tip eraser.
Use it to erase small errors like spelling mistakes, for example. We do not recommend using this eraser for the entire page.

There is always a cloth in the house

You reach the bottom of the page and think: “this is not what I want”.
The solution is simple: use a cloth dampened with water, well wrung out!

The best is a 3 in 1

Our cleaning kit includes a microfibre cloth, a spray  (to fill with water) and a sponge. To erase ink that has been in your Infinitebook for more than a week, use water and a sponge. If you’ve just written and the ink is still fresh, use water together with the microfiber cloth. 

How do we stay sustainable?

Every day we try to find the secret to being more eco-friendly. Because when we say that what we do is for the environment, we mean it!

Environmentally friendly products

Since the beginning of Infinitebook, our concern for the environment has only grown.
Throughout the development process of our notebooks, we use products that are increasingly more environmentally friendly.
The paper is 100% recyclable, and the ink is vegetable resourced and developed with renewable raw materials. All the pieces together create a vegan-friendly reusable notebook

Recycle the Infinitebook

In the extreme case that you have to put an Infinitebook in the trash, you shouldstrong,  recycle it.

First, separate the notebook’s rings. Then, place the rings in the yellow eco point and the core in the blue eco point.
You were wondering how do you separate the rings from the notebook? We explain!





All the products we use are certified: PEFC/02-31-80 Certificate, European Eco-label, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, EMAS, European Regulation for Toy Safety, Low Heavy Metal Content, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, FSC®, PEFCTM.