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Don’t let these questions keeping you up at night. Talk to us, and we’ll help you with the answers!

Tips for best practices

We don’t want you to miss anything! May your first Infinitebook experience be even more impressive than you imagined! Check out our tips:
How can I erase my Infinitebook?
To erase the Infinitebook, you can use the eraser on the back-end of the marker or a damp cloth (filled with water – only – and well squeezed). In addition, and in order to facilitate the process, we’ve created a Cleaning Kit which helps a lot in the thorough cleaning of the notebook even after the ink has been left in the Infinitebook for several weeks. Find some tips and tricks to keep your Infinitebook shining on our Blog Post here.
How do I store my information?
To save your Infinitebook’s information before erasing it, you can use your phone’s came.a or an app. According to the operating system/programs each uses, there are several outstanding options to fulfil the scanning process. So, with Infinitebook, we recommend using CamScanner or Adobe Scan. You can find a small comparison of these Apps and make a thoughtful decision if you still don’t use any through our Blog Post here.
What kind of markers can I use?
With Infinitebook we recommend the use of the Infinitebook Markers (Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable fine tip in Black and Red). These markers will not stain your hands or smudge your writing. They can only be erased if you use the marker’s eraser (located on the back-end of each marker) or a damp cloth (or better yet, our Cleaning Kit 🧐). There are other types of markers that also work with the Infinitebook: the Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent, which are available in fine tip or medium tip. These markers, although they contain a wider range of colours, are more soluble in water which makes them easily erasable, but also easily smudge-able (they can be smudged with normal hand sweat, for example). Still, there are a number of users who prefer them, which is why we include them on our website. From experience, the use of another type/brand of markers can stain the notebook with use and leave permanent marks.
Does the marker's ink pass bleed through the pages or smudges?
First, you need to be using the Infinitebook marker, which dries in about 6 seconds. After those seconds, you can put your hand over the ink or even close the Infinitebook without it bleeding through or smudging.
My marker dries out when it's gone longer without the cap. What do I do?
The Infinitebook Markers are water-based. Because the tip isn’t made of felt, as in the medium tip markers, it does not have the property of being constantly wet, which makes the tip dry when the cap is left off. The solution is to try to leave the marker covered whenever possible (even in those tiny moments when you wandered off in your head but in reality are with the cap off). Placing and removing the cap (inside the cap there’s a sponge with ink that helps to re-establish ink flow) can help too. Also, do not forget to only use water when erasing the Infinitebook, any other type of product or alcohol can damage the notebook. Make sure you take all of these steps into account. If the problem persists, let us know, we are here to help – always.
When I try to erase some information in Infinitebook, it smudges. What can I do?
In order not to leave any smudges, we recommend that you wait around 6 seconds for the ink to dry before erasing it. If somehow it still smudges, you can easily erase it with a damp cloth.
I'm left-handed. Can I still use an Infinitebook?
We have left-handed customers who do not experience problems because the ink dries relatively quickly and after drying it does not smudge. Temos alguns clientes esquerdinos que não encontraram problemas, outros que não conseguiram. However, we are also aware of left-handed people who unfortunately are not able to use our notebook! We apologize for not having an exact answer, but it depends on how you write. However, we are also aware of left-handed people who unfortunately are not able to use our notebook! We apologize for not having an exact answer, but it depends on how you write.

General Questions

Delivery, shipping, and returns don’t have to be a headache.
How long can my order take to be delivered?
Portugal and Spain: 2 to 4 working days Europe: 10 to 12 working days The rest of the World: 15 to 17 working days
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, you can check the shipping costs in the checkout process when you enter your country. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@infinitebook.pt
How do I change my order or delivery address?
You can change your order if it has not yet been shipped by sending an email to sales@infinitebook.pt
Can I track the status of my order?
Yes. After the order has been fulfill and shipped, you’ll receive an email with all the information needed in order to track your order. Please check your Spam folder, unfortunately sometimes is where some of the email may fall. If you can’t find any email, go ahead and contact us.
Are there discounts for bulk orders?
Yes. For bulk orders, you can send an email to comercial@infinitebook.pt. Also, you can customize your Infinitebook for companies and schools. Find out more in our B2B tab in the upper menu.
Can I buy an Infinitebook in a physical store?
In Portugal, you’re able to find Infinitebook at Fnac, Olmar and some stationeries stores throughout the country. As for the rest of the world, unfortunately, we haven’t conquered it yet (but we’re working on it)