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#Infinitepeople Inês, the CEO

infinitepeople ines the ceo

Inês, 29 years old, from Porto and CEO of the Transformers Movement, presented us with her testimony. This week’s #infinitepeople looked like this:

How did you hear about Infinitebook?

Instagram – I was managing a project of the Portuguese government on environmental sustainability, and they introduced me the Infinitebook as right practice choice 🙂

What was your first Infinitebook? You couldn’t hold back and bought more?

Well, then: I have 4 Infinitebooks, I’m just missing an A4, that would have been useful during the quarantine. My first was a basic green cover A5 that’s already over four years old, but it still rolls.

How and for what purpose do you use Infinitebook?

I mostly use it to build proposals, new ideas, new projects, meeting outputs, design reflection processes, organise my weeks, etc. As I have 4, I divide them: I always have one in my backpack, another in the office and another at home.

One of these 4 is a size A6, the smallest size of all, and I always use it at events to take notes and manage the panels of people invited when I am a host.

What did you think of the experience and how has it evolved?

I’ve gone through many phases. In the beginning, I would only use it for disposable things that I knew were not very important and that I didn’t need to keep, then I started using it for everything and eliminated paper in my life. Whenever I used the Infinitebook, I would erase everything and only save the essential things on the Drive. Right now I’m in a hybrid model, I use it every day, it’s still my best tool for ideas and to evolve in creative processes, I end up saving some things on the computer, but it works very well being my deposit for everything random!

Do you have any advice for anyone reading?

Having two colour markers helps a lot in keeping thing organised in the notebook itself, try to save meaningful things to another place (there are lots of scan apps) – that will make you more relaxed and allow you to erase without fear. Lastly: erase it gradually and don’t leave your notebook full; otherwise, it will be more challenging to gain this routine.

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