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How to be more sustainable at work? 5 practical tips


The sustainability of our planet should be everyone’s concern. We believe in it. More than a concern, it must become part of our daily lives. Practical and concrete actions. And where do we spend most of our time? At work. Whether at home, in an office or in a cowork space, working takes up a good few hours of our day.

Often, without realizing it, we have unsustainable practices while we work. Have you thought about the plastic cups you use every time you have coffee at the office? What about photocopies? Not to mention the paper you use for notes or messages. Or the paper that ends up in the trash because you made a mistake.

Yes, there is no planet B. We have to roll up our sleeves and start somewhere. We will show you simple and practical ways to be more sustainable at work. And we also present you with some tools that will help you in this mission!

Are we curious?

Convert your thousand calendars into one

Agenda or Planner are a way to stay organized. Whether on a professional or even personal level. There are two types of people: those who prefer a physical notebook and those who prefer the classic online calendar. Which side are you on?

It is true that the digital format is more sustainable. But we know that the charm is not the same.

For many, a physical agenda/planner is an ally they don’t want to lose. It’s that match for life. Been there, done that. It’s the most common way to get everything under control, right. But think with us, how many have you used over the years? And the count begins. Eventually, that schedule ends. And you have to start all over again, knowing that the cycle will repeat itself. Buy, use, run out, pick a new one, buy, use, run out… it’s an endless cycle (Lion King soundtrack in the background).

Don’t worry, we have the solution for that problem. With us you can be sustainable at work and keep your better half: your schedule! Introducing the Infinitebook Planner. A tool where you can write your goals and plan the months and weeks however you want. But there’s more! That headache of now having to choose a new agenda, ceases to exist. With Infinitebook, you can always erase and write again.

If you like to plan your life and take care of the environment, try this reusable notebook!

Use and abuse your sticky notes (but in a new way!)

Rule of thumb if you want to be sustainable at work. Using post it is a way of leaving messages for ourselves or others. It’s a real reminder. They’re too valuable to end up in the trash, don’t you think? Alternative: why don’t you use digital post-it notes or notes from your computer and cell phone? That way, you have everything at hand even faster. And, in the end, you are more sustainable. Imagine the paper you save.

“Ah, I’ve tried, but I do better with the classic”, you think. We are not in favor of extreme measures. We get it, we also like the feel of paper and walking around with a notebook. The truth is, you don’t have to stop being this kind of person. You can still be sustainable. How?

You already know our Sticky Notes? Practical, easy to use and you can stick and take off as often as you want, wherever you want. You’ll love them!

Swap the paper on your desk for reusable notebooks

Do you use notebooks at work to help you with tasks? Where do you point everything? It’s a useful tool, there’s no denying it. But have you thought about the paper you use? Does a desk with a tower of notebooks sound familiar to you? Not to mention the time looking for that specific topic or that note in a meeting that you really need to confirm.

Once again, we could advise you to use digital means. But we already know you and you’re one of ours: it’s with a notebook in hand that we understand each other. Better, to be really one of our own, just with a reusable notebook in hand. Everywhere, in fact! This option is more sustainable because it can last forever.

Try Infinitebook Retro A5 and your life will never be the same!

Say yes to refillable pens

Yes, we’re still talking about the office supplies we use every day. And who never fails? The pens! Of all the colors and shapes that we can imagine. So the question remains: why have many pens when you can have one?

Yes, it is possible. It’s time to try refillable pens! All you have to do is recharge your pen and keep writing. First, imagine the plastic you’ll save. Second, it’s practical and easy to use. Third, the fear that the ink will run out will cease to exist.

A simple change, but with a big impact on the environment. There are no two without three. In addition to the reusable notebook, we have for you black and red markers, and also refill. They’re perfect for using in your Infinitebook notebook.   

It’s not all about us: leave the printer aside

Whenever you go to print, think: Do I really need to print this document? If you can avoid it, it’s a good first step. If the fight is still going on, don’t worry. There are ways to make the process more sustainable. For example, it prints on both sides of the sheet and uses recycled paper.

And don’t forget: recycle whenever you can. The environment (and us all really) thanks you.

We take infinity seriously: more tips for being sustainable at work

Sustainability can also be a joint effort, right? We bring more suggestions that we can all adopt in our work:

  • Whenever possible use reusable or recyclable material (glass cups, coffee cups, reusable bottles, etc.)
  • Turn off equipment and/or lights that are not being used
  • Controlling the air conditioning
  • Recycle, recycle and did we say: recycle?
  • Save water

Our Greta Thunberg side kicks in and we tell you: climate change is real and everything we do has an impact on the environment. Maybe this isn’t the ending you wanted, but sitting around isn’t going to change anything. But she sees the bright side: you can start with small actions. No one is asking you to be the Rocky Balboa of the environment.

In this article you have simple and practical tips that you can start applying now. Do you want to do even more? Share this information with your friends! It will go well with this late afternoon beer. Keep discovering other tools that will help you be sustainable at work. Not forgetting productivity!

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